Enriching Your Today. Securing Your Tomorrow™


We help affluent business owners save for retirement and protect their business. 


We offer customized wealth management and insurance solutions to take care of their practice and family. 


Tailored solutions based on you, plans to grow your investments and provide peace of mind.


At Legacy Wealth Advisors, we are focused on providing clients with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions and have a clear path to building their Legacy. We take the time, responsibility and pride in being able to provide our clients with an Elite Level of Service by guiding them with our team of Elite Advisors.

We are a boutique Firm that works with individuals, families, businesses and institutional clients in a highly personalized, service-oriented fashion, to create a full comprehensive Financial Plan for them, and ultimately helping them to build and leave their Legacy.

Our Firm and Advisors hold dear to them the foundation and mission of the company, which is, ‘Enriching Your Today. Securing Your Tomorrow.’




We take the time to understand your financial situation including an analysis of your investments and insurance. 


What are your financial goals? Is it being debt-free or achieving financial freedom or taking care of your family?


We provide you with a custom plan to achieve your financial goals. Once implemented, we review and adjust as your life changes. 


Legacy Wealth Advisors is a completely client-focused financial services company founded on the principles of providing clients with an Elite Advisory experience while empowering them to achieve financial independence.


  • Debt Elimination Planning
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Mortgage Strategies
  • Student & Business Loans
  • Tax Efficient Strategies


  • Retirement savings planning
  • Accumulation vs Distribution of assets
  • Financial Independence Number
  • Pension Plans
  • Tax Efficient Distribution


  • Registered vs Non-Registered Assets
  • Alternative Investments
  • Tax Free Structures
  • Portfolio Management & Analysis
  • Private Wealth


  • Estate Transfer & Preservation
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Maximizing Estate Value
  • Minimizing Taxation


  • Insurance Planning
  • Corporate Owned Insurance
  • Asset & Liability Protection
  • Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Tax Favourable Strategies


  • Donations
  • Philanthropy
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Tax benefits
  • Maximizing gifts


Our advisors are expected to maintain the highest level of integrity, while maintaining both an ethical and fiduciary responsibility in assisting you in designing and building your Legacy.


Senior Financial Planner

As President & CEO and founder of Legacy Wealth Advisors, it is my job to ensure clients get the highest level of service. Being a Fee-For-Service Senior Financial Planner with almost 20 years in the Financial Industry, I bring a wealth of experience, perspective and expertise to all my clients. I specialize in dealing with High Net Worth Individuals & Families, Business Owners and Professionals.

Having had significant health challenges growing up, I possess a passion for helping Medical & Health Care Professionals in achieving their Financial Goals, with my mantra being “Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Us”. I work diligently to provide my clients with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions and have a clear path to building their Legacy. By using a client relationship model, it enables me to put my clients first and provide them with expertise financial advice and a personalized strategy to help them achieve their goals.

My spiritual upbringing has also laid a foundation of ‘giving’ in my life, which has caused me to put Philanthropy and Charitable Giving as things that are very dear to me. I also have a zest for music, sports, art, culture and language.


Financial Advisor

When it comes to your finances, if you do not have financial knowledge, it’s difficult to see when you’ve been taken advantage of by someone you would expect to help you.  I understand, I’ve been there.  After my experience, I recognized there is a serious need for financial literacy and financial stability in the world today.  This motivated me to pursue and achieve my license.

I’ve made it my goal and desire to actively help individuals, families, and businesses achieve their financial goals by providing you the financial education needed to make educated decisions, along with practical financial strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.  I’ve been servicing clients with their investments, insurance, retirement planning, wealth management, mortgage solutions, debt elimination, and children’s education savings since 2012.  

My belief: “You can have everything in life that you want if you can help just enough other people get what they want.” I take great interest in getting to know you, my client, to understand your long and short-term goals, so that you feel empowered after our first session and can start to envision a happy, secure future.


Financial Advisor

Navigating the world of personal finance can be daunting at times. And money can be a means to take you places, but it does not replace you as the driver.

I help young professionals and families remain in the driver seat.

Having a young family of my own, I understand how important it is to establish an early financial foundation, in tandem with cultivating healthy money habits.

As a Financial Advisor with Legacy Wealth Advisors, I provide clients with bona fide knowledge and resources, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Through the use of a comprehensive discovery, clients identify what is truly important to them.

Strategic plans and recommendations are then defined to create a roadmap to achieving those desires. And lastly, behavioural finance is used to liberate the intrinsic motivation required to turn vision into reality.

Areas in which I specialize are Investment & Retirement Planning, Risk Management and Residential Mortgages.

Ultimately, I help clients optimize wealth by deploying tailored solutions to achieve their personal goals, aspirations and desired lifestyle!