Online Investing Customized for You!

Enjoy your very own online investment and wealth management system, which will help you to navigate the sometimes-complex world of personal finance and provide you with low cost and clear investment solutions. You can benefit from the following:

  • Significantly lower fees than traditional investment management initiatives
  • A fully personalized service whereby your portfolio will be customized to suit your preferences, circumstances and financial goals
  • A market-leading money management system which responds quickly and effectively to changing market conditions
  • The opportunity to grow your assets and protect them from losses
  • Access to your account holdings, fees and transactions both online and on your mobile
  • No account minimums
  • All accounts are fully registered in your name
  • Peace of mind from knowing that you are working with a state of the art digital investment platform, with security and encryption which is industry-leading and to the same standard as major banks
  • Ease of opening an account – in fact it takes just 10 minutes
  • Access to both American and Canadian clients