Robo Advisors: Why Financial Advisors Should Embrace, and Not Oppose Them

It seems like every few days there’s a new article or post on Robo Advisors, and it usually comes from 2 different camps: 1 camp is from the Robo Advisor companies or ‘low cost advocates’ who tout how great they can be and how much money you can save (generally 1%/year or more in fee savings). The other camp is generally the Financial Advisor world (or the companies they work for) who generally seem pretty opposed to the notion of the Robo Advisor platform, stating that the advice and planning received by a qualified Advisor has a tremendous amount of value in itself. Now, in essence, both sides are correct. Lower fees can make a huge amount of difference in someone’s overall investment growth, to the tune of tens or even hundreds of thousands – by reducing the fees charged on your investments by even 1% can mean an increase of almost 33% in your assets over the long term. However, on the other side, there are many studies that show that the value of advice received from a qualified Financial Advisor can mean the difference between someone achieving their financial goals or not.
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