Fee For Service

At Legacy Wealth Advisors, we understand that there isn’t just one way of doing business and having a plan put together for clients. That’s why we’ve aligned ourselves with very reputable and well known professionals in the industry to provide clients with a Fee For Service platform. Generally reserved for the High Net Worth client, the Fee For Service option is a no obligation and non-contractual consultation given to clients who are looking to get a full plan designed for them, with absolutely no bias. This ensures that the fiduciary responsibility to the client is met at all times and that the Advisor is acting in their best interest. The Advisor does not benefit in any way from recommending any one company or product/service.

The Fee For Service platform will generally charge clients by the hour or on a full plan basis and all fees are fully disclosed and transparent from the beginning. Each plan is carefully customized based on a thorough understand of the clients behavior and psychology, ensuring the client is being recommended something that fits them specifically. Upon completion of the consultation, the client can choose to either implement the recommendations or plan a design themselves, or through one of our Elite Advisor team members.