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How does your Advisor get paid?

We all know the expression ‘there’s no free lunch’, and no matter which industry or profession you’re talking about, that holds true. In the Financial Services industry, specifically the Financial Advising part of it, there’s seems to be this misconception that, unless you have a Fee-For-Service Advisor, the services provided by your Financial Advisor are […]

RESP Scholarship Plans… The UGLY Truth

RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plans) are a tool used by many Canadians as a vehicle to save money for their children’s post-secondary education. The government gives great incentives in the form of grants and tax deferrals, which makes it a very attractive option for education savings. However, just as most other financial tools, there is […]

Home Ownership – Canadian Dream or Financial Nightmare

For decades we’ve heard people go on about Home Ownership as being one of the foundations of the Canadian Dream, but there’s been increasing doubt as to whether that actually is the case or not. People have argued back and forth on home ownership vs renting, but sometimes, the numbers just don’t lie.

Investing In Real Estate – There’s more than 1 way

In today’s market, people often look at different ways to diversify their investment portfolio. Specifically, since the market crash in 2008, a lot of investors have been unsure or scared to get (back) in to the markets, and have been looking at alternatives. Real Estate investing has become more and more popular, especially over the […]

Private Wealth Management – Not Just For The Wealthy

High Net Worth individuals represent a strong and growing demographic in Canada. However, there’s no question that the Mid Income Market is by far the largest and fastest growing sector in the Canadian Market. In fact, Canada has among the richest Middle Class in the world, and it’s only going to get stronger.

Insurance Planning

Insurance… For some reason when people hear this word they tend to run for cover, lock all their doors, turn off all the lights, and disconnect their phone lines. Yet, the thing is, most (if not all) individuals, families, and business owners need some form of insurance coverage. There are a few different types of […]

How ‘Independent’ is your Financial Advisor?

We often hear the term “Independent Financial Advisor” in the industry, both as clients or people within the industry. It seems like every advisor out there is touting themselves as someone who’s truly independent, and looking out for their client’s best interest, but clients really need to ask – is their advisor truly independent?